BitDefender Small Office Security Review

Published: 23rd November 2011
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BitDefender Small Office Security is one of the best small business antivirus products. It protects against infections. And should any malware sneak past it, it detects and removes the threats.


BitDefender Small Office Security is feature filled and well equipped to secure endpoint computers from a variety of threats, including viruses, spyware, rootkits, spam, phishing scams, and other malware. The powerful features include all the essentials to effectively protect your company, and include some exclusive advanced technologies to further protect and boost overall performance.

Small Office Security from BitDefender features one of the industry’s best scanning engines. This powerful scan is complemented by the BitDefender B-HAVE technology. B-HAVE helps locate unknown and “zero-day” threats that aren’t yet identified by the virus definitions. This proactive function allows BitDefender to analyze file behavior and provide heuristic protection.

Another great feature that BitDefender includes that many competitors don’t is antispam. BitDefender can efficiently eliminate annoying (and often dangerous) spam messages by utilizing their NeuNet antispam filter. The filter locates spam messages by comparing them to previously recognized spam. BitDefender Small Office Security effectively works with the Microsoft Outlook, Outlook Express, Windows Mail, and Mozilla Thunderbird email clients.

BitDefender Small Office Security is actually composed of the BitDefender Business client, the BitDefender Management Server, and BitDefender Security for File Servers (as well as BitDefender Security for Samba networks). With the comprehensive protection, BitDefender secures not only each workstation computer, but the accompanying fileserver(s) as well.

Another amazing feature that should be addressed is the advanced abilities of the Management Server. The Management server effectively manages the business client on every computer. In fact, it recognizes when new workstations are added to the network, and automatically deploys the software. Furthermore, the management console is set up to perform routine activities automatically, further reducing the demands of the ITadministrator.

Overall, the feature set of BitDefender Small Office Security is pretty complete. The tools and features add a good deal of utility and usability to the program.


BitDefender Small Office Security is one of the most effective antivirus solutions available. Their superior scanning engine and antivirus kernel have proven to be among the fastest and most thorough at detecting known and unknown threats. Small Office Security includes real-time protection as each file that is accessed is first scanned. BitDefender’s scan engines have been certified as completely effective by several third-party testers, including the Virus Bulletin 100%, West Coast Labs, AV-Comparatives, and ICSA Labs. They have also received several awards/recognition from a variety of publications and consumer reviewers.

The robust protection of BitDefender Small Office Security is enhanced with flexibility. Users can perform on-access, on-demand, or scheduled scans. Additionally, there are a variety of scans for different situations. The Deep scan examines all files, including archives. The full scan is also pretty thorough, but doesn’t scan archived files. You can also perform a quick scan of crucial areas, or set up a completely customized scan.

Updates are essential to keep your system up-to-date since new malware is being created all the time. BitDefender Small Office Security is set up to automatically check for new virus signatures every hour. You can also perform manual updates at any time you deem necessary. Not only are updates delivered quickly because they are small, but they also are delivered to the central computer, which then mirrors the update to the rest.

Additional features that facilitate excellent effectiveness include a centrally managed firewall, and cookie and script control. BitDefender Small Office Security even features data backup at the individual workstation level.


The Client Security software will run on all version of Windows, and the Security for File Servers software is designed to run on Windows servers. BitDefender Security for Samba is an open source module that can run on any Samba version; perfect for Linux and FreeBSD platforms.

BitDefender Office security is ready to grow with your business. The software can automatically detect new workstations added to the network and immediately deploy protective measures.

Some of the features that further enable managing the entire system, regardless of size, include a centralized quarantine, master-slave architecture support, and advanced support of WMI (Windows Management Instrumentation) scripts used to locate, remove, and/or restart network consumer processes.


The BitDefender Management Server provides easy and direct control over the entire business security landscape. Not only can you remotely install and deploy the endpoint business client, but you can ensure your company security policies and make sure they’re consistent throughout the business.

BitDefender Small Office Security includes essential alerts/notifications to keep the system administrator informed of potential threats. The BitDefender alerts include virus, firewall, registry control script control, cookie control, and user control alerts. Administrators also have access to the comprehensive activity log. The verbosity level can be adjusted to show only serious errors, intermediate warnings, or all activity.

The management interface is well designed and accommodates intuitive navigation. The layout utilizes a traditional tree-structure, and is further enhanced by incorporating simple icons. The console puts all the right tools in your hands, and is easy to manage. The Dashboard gives you access to the powerful features, and provides an easy at-a-glance view of the overall threat level of the company.

The Management Server also allows the administrator to create detailed reports with a variety of statistics and information on updates, malware activity, and business client status. The reports include effective graphics and charts, and can be exported to a number of additional formats, including .rpt, pdf, xls, doc, and rtf.

Help & Support:

BitDefender has several useful resources available for additional support with installing and using Small Office Security. Some of these include specific product troubleshooting, complete documentation and a knowledgebase.

BitDefender also offers support through email and is one of the only companies to provide free 24/7 phone support.


Overall, BitDefender Small Office Security is an amazingly simple yet powerful business security solution. Complete with all the right tools and centralized management, Small Office Security is a comprehensive solution for securing your entire business. Complete protection from malware and other threats is an essential priority for any company, and BitDefender Small Office Security is one of the best overall performing antivirus software products available.

BitDefender SBS Security is a robust and easy to use business security and management solution which delivers superior proactive protection from viruses, spyware, rootkits, spam, phishing and other malware. This solution enhances business productivity and reduces management and malware-related costs by enabling the centralized administration*, protection* and control of workstations as well as of the file, e-mail and Internet traffic inside companies’ networks. BitDefender SBS Security is designed to protect the users of MS Small Business Servers and helps them comply with data security regulations without putting a strain on their limited IT budgets and human resources.

BitDefender SBS Security

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